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This is my favourite Robin Alexander book to date and that says a lot because I love all of her books.

Author Synopsis

Some believe that special someone is out there just waiting to be found. Jorie Andolini is one of those people and has spent a lot of time envisioning that moment. She bumps into a woman at a grocery store, the woman drops a can of peas, Jorie picks it up, their eyes meet, and two souls connect. But it’s actually a wasted trip to New York, a snowstorm, and a canceled flight home that puts her in the path of Lena Vaughn.
Lena has found fault in every man she’s ever dated. Her dream of finding a husband is dwindling with every year that passes. Despite what her friends say, Lena doesn’t believe she has a fear of commitment, she simply hasn’t found a man she wanted to commit to. It comes as a surprise that in fact it is a woman who stirs those desires. For Lena, it’s not really a matter of sexuality, it’s just Jorie.
Travel the road to happiness with Jorie and Lena. Two crazy old women, meddling friends, and cattitude are just some sights you’ll see along the way

My Review

Lena and Jorie meet in the airport, when their plane is canceled they team up to drive their way home. Lena didn’t expect to want more than friendship with Jorie because 1. She’s the straight one and 2. She has a prerequisite for any dates she has, which Jorie meets none of so why is she feeling so drawn to her… is it Just Jorie?

Firstly Robin Alexander’s writing style is impeccable in my view. She concentrates on relationships and not just the journey to them. I love how she splits the book up into two sections and has the first part focused on the protagonists getting to know one another and the second concentrating on them building their relationship.

My relationship with my wife and my brother felt analogous to this book in so many ways. The conversations Lena had with her decade younger brother Kurt are freakishly similar to the interactions with my own brother and even down to the way they converse in jest was uncanny.  The quote below just demonstrates that:

“No problem. At first, she looked like she was gonna punch me, so I had to do some fast explaining. Here’s a tip, never walk up to a woman and say, ‘I need to know how to be a lesbian.’ Well, that might work for you, but it didn’t go so well for me.” Lena laughed. “Bye, little brother.” “I wish you luck. Remember, use your words. I think in this case, tell is better than show.” “I love you. Bye.” “Love you, too.”

Also I’m sure most lesbians, myself included, have dated straight women in the hope that she’ll not only jump the fence but set up residency in our fabulous world. I’m just lucky enough that my now wife stayed on the ‘dark side’… but it doesn’t often happen, so this book drove a little bit of my story home and made it special to me.

I love how Lena falls into Jorie’s family so well, it’s like she got more than ‘Just Jorie’ in the relationship, it was quite endearing and made me love the family dynamic more. Jorie’s Gran & Great Aunt are possibly the funniest secondary character’s I’ve ever encountered. They just pack a hilarious punch in some normally awkward situations and this book would not have been the same without them.

In the end, this book left me feeling happy and excited for the characters. It’s one I will treasure for years and it will sit on my re-read list indefinitely.

Indisputably. 5 stars.

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