Heart Block by Melissa Brayden

I adored this book. Period.

When you’re first introduced to Emory Owns, all you see is money, structure, work and sadness. That is until the beautiful and smart Sarah walks into her life and changes her perspective on everything. Can she really handle someone like Sarah? And if she throws caution to the wind and pursues the gorgeous, single, young mother (who’s also straight) could her heart stand up to the inevitable break?

If I was a single mother Emory would be my perfect person to date, marry or drag to bed! She’s present but shy, focused but fun and above all forthright and loving! The biggest surprise in the book was that Emory’s awakening about her love, family life and commitment seemed a lot more intense than what Sarah had to deal with. Which is coming out to her large catholic family. Melissa Brayden wrote it so beautifully that I realized that everyone has their obstacles and some obstacles can be greater depending on the person.

The relationship that was built between Sarah and Emory was an honest to god fairytale but the real magic was when Emory, Sarah and Sarah’s Daughter Grace were together. It seemed that they just clicked as a family and I could feel the all-encompassing love that Emory was beginning to understand she had for Grace as they became closer.

It excites me that Melissa writes cameos, or at least mentions characters from her other books, and she does this with such fluidic motion that you realize almost without it being a surprise.

I’m starting to believe that Melissa Brayden can’t write a book that’s rates in under 5 stars! She still remains one of my all time favourite authors and most of my favourite protagonists live inside her brain and on the pages of her wonderful books.

3 words: Buy this book! 5 stars

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