All That Matters by Susan X. Meagher

Before I start this review I want to tell you that I finished this book months ago however it has taken me this long to write a review because I’m realizing that there is no way for me to write how truly amazing this book actually is. I’m not sure words could do it justice, but I’m going to try…



Life is going damned well for Blair Spencer. She’s a very successful real estate agent, happily married to a man who encourages her to live the independent life she loves; and they’re actively working to have a baby.

The wrench in the works is that Blair favors adoption, while her husband David desperately wants to have a biological child. The fates are against them, and they finally seek the help of a group of reproductive specialists. One of the doctors, a surgeon named Kylie Mackenzie, eventually becomes a good friend to Blair. And she needs all of the friends she can get when things start to go horribly wrong at home. As her marriage teeters on the brink of collapse, she relies more and more on Kylie’s friendship.

Kylie’s happily gay; Blair’s happily straight. But the way they structure their relationship leads friends and family to privately question whether the pair is setting themselves up for heartache. They eventually come to a crossroads, which could either destroy their friendship or turn it into what each of them has been seeking. The question is whether each woman can change her view of herself and her needs. The answer is all that matters.


My Review

I may have found my all time favorite lesbian fiction romance… Ever! Don’t be put off by the length of the book because it truly is worth every second and every word. A friend recommended this book and I am extremely grateful for the recommendation as I have never read a novel like it.

The short version is that Blair Spencer is struggling to get pregnant with her husband and they decide to seek the help of a fertility doctor. While having their first consultation Dr. Kylie Mackenzie is introduced to them by their doctor. Blair and Kylie strike up a friendship that becomes closer and closer as the months go on. So when Blair and her husband hit some rocky times in their marriage once she’s already pregnant, she leans on Kylie for support. As they begin to get closer their feelings for each other begin to change.

The way the Susan X Meagher writes Kylie and Blair’s development from friendship to love is beautiful. These women don’t fall head over heels straight away, they build a genuine friendship that develops over time. Blair is straight and at the start of the book she is madly in love with her husband, David. When Blair falls pregnant with the baby, Kylie becomes her main support during a hard and emotional time. Kylie bonds with the baby before he’s even born and is everything a spouse would be during a pregnancy without the intimacy of love.

I think Kylie is probably one of my all time favorite characters…Ever! Susan X Meagher wrote her so beautifully and gave her some characteristics that where key to making her a stand alone character, she’s honest, caring and in my imagination probably the woman of my dreams. Kylie struggles with her insecurities about why Blair loves her and wants to be intimate with her. I totally understood this because she was so very straight and even though in love with Kylie she doesn’t identify as a lesbian or even bi-sexual. But what is beautiful about that is that Blair just loves Kylie for Kylie. Not because she a woman but in loving Kylie she also finds her unbelievably sexually attractive because its about the person not the gender for her. But convincing Kylie of her love and attraction is a feat.

There were a few moments that I cried to the point of the words blurring on the page. In fact this whole book was an emotional rollercoaster. There are many twists and turns throughout the novel and all make this book all the more wonderful.

Lastly, I think many authors capture the relationship between a mother and her child wonderfully but what Meagher has achieved is effortlessly explaining the relationship between a non-biological parent and their child and she did it beautifully. Kylie had actually fallen in love with the baby in Blair’s womb before she fell for Blair. They love between all three was undeniable.

I can’t believe this book hasn’t been picked up to do a full-length movie or TV Series because I reckon it would get a phenomenal reaction.

I would love to see a sequel to this novel to check in with Blair, Kylie and the baby to see where they are now. I just need more of this amazing little family and their love.

5 Stars… But if I could it would be so much more.


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