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Secret Hearts


Kip Kensington owes four hundred hours of community service for a joyride gone wrong. Jordan Rice has no time for younger women with trouble written all over them no matter how sexy they might be, even if she is in desperate need of more hands—and more funds—to keep her community garden project alive. Kip’s past follows her into Jordan’s carefully constructed, and safe, world, disrupting Jordan’s orderly life and threatening to uncover all the secrets she’d locked away: secrets she guarded as closely as her heart. Together they discover the only way to build a future is to make peace with the past.

My Review

Secret Hearts is an extremely sweet and notable novel by Radclyffe. The writing is, as usual, on point and you have a clear understanding of her protagonist’s feelings and turmoil’s. I like how Radclyffe never wastes time in her story lines, she throws you straight in at the deep end and into the drama of her tale.

Kip is in trouble with the police after driving a stolen car that she didn’t know was stolen. Taking the hit for her idiotic brother, she gets community service at a community garden run by Jordan. Jordan is not looking for love especially from someone that has obviously got secrets however, like with most Radclyffe novels we know that love conquers all, right? After some “what if’s” these characters take each other on a journey of self-discovery and love.

I enjoyed reading both these characters and watching them grow in love and respect. The age difference between them is something I enjoy in romances from time to time and Radclyffe has written it well. Kip got under my skin from the beginning because I couldn’t understand the secrecy about her involvement with not only the police but also the Government but as you read on it unravels into an a striking tale.

I wouldn’t say this is my favourite novel of Radclyffe’s but the problem is that I love all of her novels and some are just too hard to top. I would have preferred a longer epilogue that maybe had the characters written a year or even six months later instead of the short last chapter with details that support the happy ever after.

The use of the secondary characters was great and added anguish and distress to the story that really made the main character’s actions stand out and give the element of thrill.

As usual the sex scenes where on point and its nothing I ever have to worry about with a Radclyffe novel because one her greatest strengths in writing is that she writes phenomenal love scenes.

4 stars.

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