Forget Me Not by Kris Bryant

This book is so aptly named because i won’t be forgetting this novel anytime soon.

Grace has inherited her aunts flower shop in Ireland. The only problem with that is that Grace lives in the US. Grace arrives in Ireland to sort out her aunt’s affairs, sell the shop and flaunts with the idea that she can have a holiday romance with a local. Grace just doesn’t expect to fall in love with Ireland and one of its Irish lasses…

The main protagonists Grace and Kerry are meant to be together from the moment they meet and their relationship with one another is kismet from that moment on. Both characters felt very authentic and I could imagine these people in the real world – the problems they faced were real life issues that happen to people every day and that made this a more genuine experience. My favorite character would probably be Grace but I feel like that was probably because I knew her better by the end of the novel due to the writing style of first person point of view.

Kris Bryant writes in the first person point of view and has done in all the books I have read by her so far. I want to mention that I don’t tend to enjoy this writing style because it can leave many questions unanswered about the other character and their feelings, which for me leave the book not feeling finished, however I have never felt this way reading any of Kris Bryant’s books. She has a way of giving insight into the other main protagonist by using a few clever techniques and involving the secondary characters to add back-stories and extra pieces of important information. The pace of the book was excellent, it was never rushed but I was never bored or waiting for a chapter to finish. I also want to mention that Kris Bryant included an epilogue and you have no idea how much I crave epilogues. They round off stories well but they also give you a sneak peak into the happily ever after and if written extremely well I usually give an extra star. That’s how important I feel it is. This epilogue made my heart swell to the point I almost lunged of the sofa to do a happy dance.

I love Ireland so anytime I read a book that’s based there I get excited but Kris Bryant really made me feel I was there in person from the descriptions of the village and the scenery.

Now before I continue I need to mention the chemistry between the characters because it was almost tangible. The first kiss outside the club floored me… that was a first kiss to end all first kisses. I was stunned at the metaphorical fireworks that where going off during that kiss. It actually became the moment that I began really enjoying Kerry’s personality. The fact that Kerry rides a motorbike also had me super excited because its just plain desirable and hot but then after I had come down from my first-kiss-high, next was the rollercoaster ride of the sex scenes. Now I have five words for you and they are important: KRIS BRYANT KNOWS GOOD SEX! That first love scene knocked me off game a bit… the way Bryant describes Kerry and Grace’s intimacy left me flabbergasted and a little excited. But then just when you think it’s not possible, Bryant takes it to another level and writes a sex scene in Grace’s office and the intimacy she portrays when they make love is heart wrenching but so very passionate.

Oh I’ve just had an idea for Kris Bryant’s next book. Are you ready? The title is: “How to have amazing Lesbian sex”. I tell you it would be a best seller.

Now for the other side of the emotional highway I was riding. I am not going to lie, I cried during this book twice. But the most intense moment was when Kerry sends Grace flowers along with an emotional letter. It was such a moving scene in the novel that I felt my heart ache for this couple. The other moment was when they meet up at the secret spot and it was so intense it was almost uncomfortable but so engaging that my heart was beating out of my chest.

In conclusion this was probably one of the most moving and exciting books I have read recently. It moved me in so many ways but the biggest was because of the relatable context I felt when reading it.

5 stars.

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