Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien

No one writes erotica quite like Meghan O’Brien

What was the book about?
Claire Barker has crushed on her best friend Sarah’s older sister, Alex, since she was a teenager. Now Claire is in her late twenties, running her very successful business, but she hasn’t met anyone that has made her feel the way she does for Alex.

Alex is over travelling the globe as a fashion photographer; she just wants to move home to be near her sister and maybe find a way to settle down.

Neither woman expects that on Alex’s first night home that they will have a passionate reunion.

But is this a one night fling, or does Alex want more? And can Claire let herself believe that her ultimate dream could become her reality?

Featured Tropes
Erotica, Romance, Opposites-attract, Butch-femme

Book Strengths
Her Best Friend’s Sister is filled with all the things I love about Meghan O’Brien’s books: Hot sex, romance and a great storyline. Meghan O’Brien knows good sex. Fact. It’s like she goes into my brain and pulls out my strongest sexual desires and put them in her books.

Claire drives this story as it’s written solely from her point of view, and honestly the first few chapters, I was hoping there would be a change over to Alex, but after I finished the story, I am glad it played out the way it did. Claire is the hero of the story, and her sinner courage comes out the more she believes she deserves someone as awesome as Alex.

Alex is just one major swoon after the other. Wow!

Meghan O’Brien wrote it exceptionally well, leaving no doubt in the reader’s mind about Alex’s feelings for Claire.

O’Brien is very good at creating characters with real insecurities that make them feel more lifelike. I would love to hang out with all of her characters, although I’m not sure my wife would trust me alone with some of them, and Alex tops the list.

Character Chemistry
The chemistry in this book is off the hook, and it’s from the first chapter. I was worried the bedsheets would alight the sexual chemistry was so hot.

Alex and Claire’s emotional connection is undeniable, and the reader can feel the love from very early on. Every time Claire gets worried or has doubts about their relationship Alex does everything she can to comfort her. #Swoon

Meghan O’Brien can create such erotic scenes with such a high level of intimacy and love. It’s something not many authors can do. I read a lot of erotic romance, and you usually either get great erotic sex scenes or great romance scenes; not often is an author able to produce both.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
I loved this novel, and it will be forever on my favourite list, along with so many Meghan O’Brien books.


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