Between The Lines by K.D Williamson

Cops and Docs Series: Book 3

Author Synopsis 

Psychiatrist Dr. Tonya Preston lives a life of cool detachment, often sacrificing her personal needs to appease her opinionated father. She often finds it easier to deal with patients than confront her family or her own issues. When her path dramatically crosses that of irrepressible rookie police officer Haley Jordan, she’s thrown out of her comfort zone. Things have come easy for Haley, who has a drama-free life filled with love and friends that Tonya finds as alluring as the irreverent woman behind the badge. An attraction simmers between them, drawing them to each other. But will it be enough when work, family and a confronting police case starts to tear at their fledgling relationship?

My Review

I’ll be really honest, the first 20% of the book didn’t draw me in and I thought about stopping a few times and attempting at a later date but I am so happy I stuck with KD Williamson’s ‘Between The Lines’. Written from the point of view of both main protagonists, Tonya and Haley, we are also bolstered by the interactions of the secondary characters giving us a more in-depth understanding of both these wonderful characters. Now that I have finished the book I understand why the first 20% was all getting to know these characters because the foundation that is laid makes the love story even more potent and I became truely immersed in their story.

The relationship that is built between Tonya and Haley is built with love and support and with the beautiful backdrop of New Orleans. There is this connection that is built between them, slowly at first and then as if it was there all along you understand how their dynamic works. It’s a love story about opposites attracting but when you’re falling in love you discover that you’re not that opposite after all. This slow burn romance really took me by surprise but when they finally get intimate it was truly worth the wait and maybe one of the sexiest love scenes I’ve ever read. Plus it was ‘Packing a Punch’ (excuse the pun)!
Like with the first two books in the ‘Cops and Docs’ series, I was left wanting more however this book is not related to the first two books in the ‘Cops and Docs’ series and is completely stand alone. At first I was a little upset that Kelli and Nora did’t appear in this novel but it certainly didn’t take anything away from it. I just hope that KD allows these characters to continue in another novel because I am definitely not ready to move on from them just yet.

4.5 Stars

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Between the Lines (Cops and Docs) 

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