Royal Rebel by Jenny Frame

I always feel like I am part of the decadence when I read a Jenny Frame novel.

Author Synopsis

Princess Rozala of Denbourg enjoys her reputation as a wild child,especially when it annoys her father, the King. When Roza’s latest girlfriend brings scandal to the palace doors, her father sends her to Britain, in the hopes that time with her cousin Queen George and the new Queen Consort will finally make her face her responsibilities.

After overcoming personal demons and quitting the high-stakes world of finance, Lennox King is content to keep her life simple. As the new director of a hospice charity, she uses a strict business approach to help the charity grow and prosper.

When Roza comes to work at the charity under orders from the Queen Consort, babysitting a spoiled princess is definitely not on Lennox’s agenda. But when passion flares between them, will Lennox’s past stop their relationship in its tracks, or will a twist of fate bring a new future that neither was expecting?

My Review

It felt fantastic to get my hands on this book. I was so excited, that a few days before I re-read the first book in the series ‘A Royal Romance’ (for review click here). If you read my review for that you know how much I adore it and when I heard there was going to be a sequel it just cemented my love for Jenny Frame’s writing even more.

There are four main protagonists in this novel and the book is written from the perspective of all four. Firstly from the perspective Queen George and her wife and Consort Bea (who are carried over from book 1) and now and more prominently from Princess Rosa of Denborg and Lennox King, a Charity Executive.

I was ecstatic that George and Bea’s story was followed through into this book because I don’t think I was ever ready to truely give up on them, especially George. I don’t want to give any spoilers but their love is still solid and they are navigating marriage and the monarchy splendidly, that is until the arrival of George’s Cousin, The Princess of Denborg, Rozala and her rebel attitude to make waves.

When Roza arrives she is put to work at the Queens most cherished charity, ‘Timmy’s’ in an attempt that she will learn responsibility and understand the value of hard work. Roza didn’t expect the dashing Lennox to be her boss when she starts at the charity. Lennox intrigues Rosa as she is distant, brooding and unbelievably attractive.

There is definitely chemistry between the two of them and it spills from the page making the reader further engrossed in this wonderful story.

There is without a doubt more twists and turns in this book than the first and a few I was not expecting until the moment it happened and it left me a little stunned.

I hope Jenny Frame continues this series into a book about the Prime Minister as I am intrigued by the character and never seem to get enough of her even when she is riling up the monarchy.

Can’t wait to see what comes next from Jenny Frame.

5 stars.


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