Patty’s Potent Potion by Robin Alexander

Author Synopsis

When Shawna Haydel was sixteen years old, she dropped Ashton Guidry’s name into a potion that would supposedly make Ashton fall in love with her. She knew it was silly, but she clung to one irrational thread of hope their friend Patty’s concoction would grant her heart’s desire. Shawna’s hopes were dashed when Ashton packed up her things and went away to college completely unaware of Shawna’s feelings.

Twenty-three years after Patty’s potion was brewed, Ashton returns to her hometown. She finds time has changed a lot, including Shawna. Ashton has done quite a bit of changing, too, and sees Shawna in a whole new light. Perhaps Patty’s potion was potent after all.

My Review

You know you’re onto a winner when the first page makes you laugh out loud… It seems to be a trend with Robin Alexander. She continuously creates romantic comedies that a reader can read again and again and laugh at the same chapters.

This story followed the lives of Shawna and Ashton who move back to their home town. Shawna has always harboured feelings for Ashton since high school but Ashton never seemed to be on the same page. Now they are both back in town for good and Ashton is seeing Shawna in a whole new light.

There is the usual dash of angst but not too much as this is a Robin Alexander Novel and she excels in writing love stories that don’t need it.

I actually always seem to bond with secondary characters in Robin Alexander novels. In this one I really loved Meg, Shawna’s ex! She was genuine, caring and to be honest it left me wishing all my ex’s had been this easy to get along with.

Great story and I can’t wait to see what Robin Alexander throws at us next.

4.5 stars


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