Girls Next Door Edited by Sandy Lowe & Stacia Seaman

Girl Next Door – Anthology 

What a great collection of stories. Here’s 8 of my favourites with a short review. Enjoy…

Snow Day by Missouri Vaun

I have never read any Missouri Vaun books but if this story is what I’ve got to look forward to then I’m buying in bulk tomorrow. Phenomenal short story… sex scene was exquisite! This was definitely my favourite in the anthology and I was definitely left wanting more from these protagonists, especially Lane.

Black sheep by Nell Stark

Wow! Just wow… Nell Stark creates a sexy tale during Christmas at her parents house between her and her neighbour’s (and also good friends of her parents) daughter. I truely was left wanting more… Please let there be more!!

Hooper Street by Anna Larner

One of my favourites from the collection. Anna Larner makes you believe in her characters and ultimately hope for them to give into love. The story was short and sweet but ultimately full of promise.

Guilty Pleasure by M. Ullrich

Great short story by M. Ullrich. I always enjoy story lines with an age gap romance so this ticked a major box for me and left me wanting more. I enjoyed how Ullrich was able to cover all bases without it feeling rushed, as can be the case with many short stories I’ve read.

Knocking on Haven’s Door by Brey Willows

Well hell… I was almost sleeping until I read this short by Brey Willows. I don’t want to give too much away but ‘Knocking on Haven’s Door’ was a very sexy but also very sweet short story that left me wishing Haven was my next door neighbour…

Welcome to the Neighborhood by Aurora Rey

Have you read ‘Built to Last’ by Aurora Rey? Well this short story is about how two secondary Characters Kel and Gina get together. I just loved getting the background on these two. I reckon the added context about them made me love ‘Built to Last’ even more… wait is that possible???

Kiss Cam by Lisa Moreau

This was a very sweet and rather seductive tale. The title speaks for itself but with an interesting turn of events. This story just goes to show that sometimes when you aren’t looking, something wonderful falls in to your lap.

Dog Day of Summer by Kris Bryant

Great story with really good premise! I felt like this could be the first chapter or prologue to a fantastic storyline. Totally drawn in by the characters and the scoundrel of a dog.


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