Top 20 Mums in WLW Fiction

It's Mothers day 2021, and I started to think about all the fiction mums in WLW fiction that I love to read. As a mum, sometimes it's hard to find characters that I identify with, so when I find a well-written book with a powerhouse mum, it jumps straight to my favourites list. I have lots of favourites, and truthfully, trying to do a Top Ten was never going to happen because I hate picking favourites but little did I know that choosing twenty would just be as hard, but I made it there in the end. 

The order is what's in my head now, but honestly, all these books have been at number one at some point in my reading life, so I can highly recommend them all without question. 

So here are my Top 20 Mums in WLW fiction…

Happy Mothers Day!
Rach & Team Les Rev

1. When you least expect it by Haley Cass

Caroline was not expecting to see Hannah Dalton on Christmas Eve; actually, she never expected to see her ever again. Now Hannah is back in her life looking for a lawyer to help her divorce her husband, who happens to be an ex-colleague of Caroline’s. 

Caroline’s crush on Hannah is still as present as ever, and it is getting worse with every moment they spend together. The fact that Caroline has also volunteered to look after her daughter, Abbie, from time to time makes all feelings multiply as Abby become a substantial part of her life. It doesn’t help that the odds are even more unlikely as Hannah is straight and not looking for anything other than friendship. 

Caroline needs to find a way to move on! But how can she when she is so infatuated with this woman and her daughter, and she knows that no one else can possibly measure up?

2. Heart Block by Melissa Brayden

When you’re first introduced to Emory Owns, all you see is money, structure, work and sadness. That is until the beautiful and intelligent Sarah walks into her life and changes her perspective on everything. 

Can Emory really handle someone like Sarah? And if she throws caution to the wind and pursues the gorgeous, single, young mother (who’s also straight), could she cope with the inevitable heartbreak?

3. All The Little Moments by G Benson

Anna's life is turned upside down when a family tragedy brings her home from Brisbane to Melbourne to look after her brothers two children. Never one to want to be a parent, she vows to try and make it work for her niece and nephew. With a new job in Melbourne and now living in her brother's house, she feels like she is living someone else's life. When she meets a gorgeous nurse, Lane, at work, she is instantly smitten. But navigating a new family and dating isn't easy, especially when they are all still grieving. When Anna finally gets a handle on it all, a new form of trouble knocks on her door. She could lose everything if she doesn't fight?

4. Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers

Avery King is happy. She bakes, visits her Grandma and hangs out with her friends. She doesn't have a girlfriend, but her crush on her bank's manager is enough to keep her going. When her friend needs her to step up and coach her tee-ball team Avery reluctantly agrees. She doesn't expect that one of the kids in the group is the son of the bank manager. Surprised further by the fact that mother and son move into the house on the same street. Is it meant to be? All signs are pointing to yes but is a young family really what Avery so for her life?

5. Heart of the Game by Rachel Spangler

Sarah Duke's life is all about baseball. She lives and breathes it. She has finally got a shot at being a full-time sports writer and she is gonna give it her everything. When Duke meets Molly and her sons she is instantly taken by all three of them. But Molly is clearly only looking for friendship because someone like Duke is not what she needs in her life and her next relationship will be someone much more femme than androgynous, Duke. As their friendship grows and the both boys fall head over heels for Duke, Molly struggles to not do the same. Duke is everything Molly has never wanted but She can't stop herself from letting herself fall. Can Duke prove she is ready for a family when her life is already taken up by baseball? And can Molly let her defences down long enough to let Duke in?

6. Backwards to Oregon by Jae

Luke Hamilton has been living as a man since she was twelve years old. She is more comfortable in this skin and as long as she keeps people at arm’s length her secret will be secure. She has finally left the army and is going to make her way to Oregon to start her new life as an Appaloosa farmer. When one of her army comrade’s pays for a night with a prostitute she shuns the woman as she’s scared of her identity coming out.

When she bumps into the woman, Nora again and this time with her young daughter, Luke starts to think it might be time to adjust her plan of a solo trip to Oregon. She proposes to Nora and is surprised when she accepts.

Together and married, they set off with a Wagon Train to Oregon but they hit many bumps along the way!

7. Gold by E.J. Noyes

Aspen is an ex Olympic skier, she now spends her time chasing the white gold also known as snow around the world as a Ski Instructor. After an injury changed her life (much worse than her exterior shows), she shies away from being broken again especially heart broken. 

Cate Tierney appears to have herself together; she has a great job, a loving daughter and wonderful friends. While falling for Aspen could be really easy, she has so much to loose and can’t bare to make another mistake that could effect not only her heart but her daughters. 

With so much emotional growing to do, can either of these women find a way to make their destined love work?

8. Temptation by Kris Bryant

Cassie’s parents cut her off when she dropped out of medical school. Deciding to go down a different path with her education is a costly venture and unfortunately Cassie doesn’t have that kind of money. When the savvy and rich Brooke Wellington offers Cassie a job as her son’s Nanny she jumps at the chance, especially when the job comes with an apartment. Cassie takes to the job easily with her caring and nurturing personality and Noah is a dream child who she loves like he is her own. It seems everything is coming up roses for Cassie if she could just keep her attraction to Brooke under control. But when Cassie begins to think the feelings are mutual and that there could be something amazing between them, should she follow her heart or her head?

9. Fated Love by Radclyffe

Quinn Maguire has a new job in a new city but meeting her boss on her first day tilt her entire world. Honor Blake was not given much choice in hiring Quinn Maguire, and she suspects there is a secret at play. What she doesn't imagine is to begin to have feelings for her newest hire. But that not the only reason she can't get involved with Quinn. She has her daughter, Arly and her already broken heart to protect. But when Quinn gets past all of Honor's defences, will she get the chance to prove her love and devotion for Honor and Arly?

10. Create A Life To Love by Erin Zak

When Beth shows up on romance writer, Jackie’s front doorstep, proclaiming to be her daughter she gave up for adoption, Jackie’s world tilts on its axis. But that’s nothing compared to the feelings brought forth by meeting Beth’s adoptive Mum, Susan. Susan and Jackie have an instant connection, but Susan is straight and married so nothing can ever happen. Right?

11. Friday Night Flights by Susan. X Meagher

Avery is a different person from the one that left her hometown years ago, but the person that she made an ugly impression on in her teens is the one she now wants to befriend more than ever. Casey knows who she is, she always has. Even when the high school bullies gave her a hard time. Shoot forward in time to now, and one of the people that hurt her in high school is back in town. Not only that, but she is a lesbian too. But can people change that much to warrant becoming friends? She doesn’t think so. When Avery needs a friend, Casey takes a chance, but Avery can feel that she is dubious about their friendship. What does Avery have to do to show she’s changed? And will Casey be able to forget the past to move on with the possibility of happily ever after?

12. Grace Falls by HP Munro

Dr Maddie Marinelli is on her way to San Francisco to start her new job, or she was until her car broke down in a small town called Grace Falls. She needs to get her car fixed and fast, but nothing happens fast in small towns in North America. While stuck, she meets and befriends Alex Milne and her daughter. Falling in love with a ready-made family in a small town in the middle of know where was never part of Maddie's Plans, but plans can change; who you fall in love with can't!

13. The Do-Over by Georgia Beers

Easton has to go to a conflict resolution class for work, and when she meets her teacher, she is immediately in awe. Bella is gorgeous and everything Easton wants, but Bella is shocked by Easton’s presence on the flip side.
Easton was Bella’s high school crush and one of the cool kids contributing to her bullying! But Bella still has feelings for Easton, and Easton clearly doesn’t recognise her, so what’s the harm in getting to know her and her precocious daughter? Could things be different this time?

14. Small Packages by KG MacGregor (Book three in the shaken series)

Anna and Lily Kaklis have been through hell and back and their love is stronger than ever. They are looking to a future spent with nothing but wrapping themselves up in their love. But when Lily get a call about a sister she never knew dying and the young toddler she left behind she's is thrust into a whirlwind. Can the make it through this life storm with their life plan still intact?

15. Twice Shy by Aurora Rey

Amanda Russo lives for two things: her kids and her bakery. With her youngest, Cal heading off to college next year, she decides it time to upgrade her bakery. In walks architect Quinn. The attraction to Quinn is immediate, but her ex-wife isn’t quite ready to let Amanda go…

Quinn’s divorce has played a significant role in her dating life since she found out her ex-wife was cheating. Now she’s finally ready to move on, and Amanda Russo is precisely the kind of woman she wants to move on with. But her confidence has been shattered by old wounds, and having Amanda’s ex-wife hanging around is not making those old fears easy to live with.
Can the past be left where it belongs long enough for Amanda and Quinn to find their happy ever after?

16. Always Alex by Robin Alexander

Forced to return home to Barbier Point, Louisiana was never part of Dana Castilaw plans. But thats where she's heading with her daughter, Sydney. 

Seeing her childhood best friend has made the transition home much easier but now Alex I=has grown up feelings she has never let come to the surface before start boiling over.
Has it always been Alex and she just never realised?

17. Coming Home by KJ

Sam life is changed forever when famous actress Abigail Taylor and her daughter, Grace, walk into her life. Her boss at the school she works volunteers Sam to tutor Grace while she and Abigail are in Melbourne making a movie. As Sam spends more time with the Taylors, she begins to fall for them both, and it seems like the feelings are mutual. 

But with Abigail and Grace heading back to Hollywood when they finish filming, the stakes are high, and the risk of a broken heart is more significant than ever.

18. Three reasons to say yes by Jaime Clevenger

Julia is a work-a-holic that doesn’t think she is good at relationships. She and her two friends embark on a holiday to Hawaii, and while sitting on the plane, she meets the most handsome passenger, Reed. 

The only problem is that Reed is travelling with her twin daughter’s and Julia is not into kids… at all! As the holiday unfolds, they both get tangled up together, and Julia begins to bond with Reed and the kids. They know that it’s no longer just a holiday romance and decide that a no-strings relationship would work best for them when they return home. 

But the more time spent together with the kids; the more invested everyone gets, especially Julia… Hearts may be broken!

19. Winds of Heaven by Kate Sweeney

Casey Bennet has just received a letter from her ex Julia's lawyer explaining she has passed away. Her final request is regarding the family Julia has left behind and asking Casey to look after them. Playing family with Julia's pregnant partner, Liz and daughter, Skye, isn't what Casey wants for her life, but she agrees in the short time until Liz gives birth. But when Casey starts to fall for the ready-made family she never wanted, there is no turning back!​

20. Popcorn Love by Kl Hughes

Alison Sawyer needs to make some extra cash while she is studying. Babysitting for famous fashion exec Elena Vega wasn't something she ever expected, but it's not without its benefits. The main one being that Elena is devastatingly stunning. The other benefit is Elenas son, Lucas, who Alison absolutely adores. When Alison realises she is falling for Lucas and his mum, it might be too late because Elena has decided it time to start dating again. 

But will she acknowledge her feelings for Alison are reciprocated before it's too late?

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