A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon 

This is my favourite book in the series so far. 


Tanya Grant is a high-flyer who’s ready for a fresh start. That is, until her gran dies, leaving behind her dog, Delilah, and a hot mess of family pain.
Enter Sophie London, dog walker and girl about town. She’s on a romance sabbatical after getting burnt, and nothing changes when she meets Tanya. However, when their paths keep crossing, the pair are thrown together on a roadtrip to Tanya’s home town. What happens next changes both their lives forever.
If you love romance with humour and heart — along with a cast of pooches — you’ll love the latest London Romance from the best-selling author of London Calling and This London Love. Join Tanya & Sophie on their journey of a lifetime as they discover whether love really can lift them up where they belong!

My Review

This book became a bit of a ‘Shinning light’ novel for me for a few reasons. One of the reasons was that the main protagonist Tanya, loses her grandmother (not a spoiler it’s in the synopsis). I was a little unsure because my Gran, who like Tanya and her grandmother I was extremely close to, died the same week as I started this book. But something amazing happened… this novel put a few things into perspective and in a way helped me move on. Now I’m telling you this because I want to make a point about reading books… the escape they create is no more valid than it is right now. In a world where life can be so stressful and unknown these books create an escapeso thanks Clare for continuing to allow these escapes!
Ok now on to the review…
This is my favourite book in the series so far. I’m definitely repeating myself here but Clare Lydon writes one of the best British Lesfic Rom Com in the biz. They are light, funny and incredibly romantic. She creates just the right amount of angst that gives the reader the heart pumping ‘will they, won’t they’ moments but still keeps it light and heart felt.
The main protagonists, Sophie and Tanya have fantastic chemistry so much so you almost feel the sexual tension seeping from the page. The emotion written during the sex scene was so intimate and raw but realistic… such an enjoyable scene. But to be honest Clare Lydon knows how to write good sex scenes.
I really enjoyed the secondary characters in this novel especially Rachel and Alice. I felt like something magical could happen here in the future, or at least I hope. We also got to check in with the characters from the first two novels which I really enjoyed. I have a soft spot for the first two books ‘London Calling’ and ‘This London Love’. You don’t have to read these books in order as they can be read as stand alone but I would recommend it because you feel like part on the ‘London Series’ community.

5 stars

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