Sweet Boy and Wild One by T.L. Hayes

Well this book melted my heart by the end of chapter two… there is something beautifully romantic about this novel.


Author Synopsis


Graduate student Rachel Cole is feeling the weekend blues and heads to her favorite lesbian hangout, looking for Ms. Right Now. She is immediately attracted to a brown-haired, brown-eyed, flannel-wearing soulful singer named Bobby Layton. But when Bobby introduces himself to Rachel, Rachel questions things about herself—things like her own sexuality and her very identity. Could she be falling for this sweet boy?

Bobby Layton lost a lot when he came out as trans. And he’s sworn off dating lesbians because dealing with hate from the straight world is hard enough. Who needs the drama? But something about wild girl Rachel Cole keeps him coming back.

Love may be enough to take them to unexpected places beyond their expectations.



The story is basically about a lesbian, Rachel, who flirts with someone whom she thinks is a butch lesbian, Bobby – who turns out to be a Trans Male (female to Male transition). The story is about her understanding her feelings of ultimately being a lesbian falling for a male. The story uncovers the issues they will discover in their budding relationship as well as the views of their friends and the public around Bobby’s transition.

I love novels that’s make you think and consider issues out side of your normal personal stratosphere. Trans issues are of deep concern all over the world so I commend T.L. Hayes for tackling an issue and making it into a beautiful and positive romance that I will remember for a long time.

I hadn’t realised that there was a prequel to the story with Rory and Maggie (Rachel’s best friends) so I’d recommend reading that first. I wish I had because I’m sure it would have created better nuance with the characters.

I highly recommend this to all of The LGBTQI community and hope that not only reading the book gives you the heart flutter but that you also learn a bit more about how important Trans issues are. I’ll be watching what comes next from T.L. Hughes and hope she continues the story into a sequel because this lesbian may have a little boy crush on Bobby, he melts hearts!

4.5 stars


Sweet Boy and Wild One is due to be released on 1st of August 2017. To preorder please follow the link below:

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