Don’t Forget by AJ Adaire

Wow!! I loved this book, it’s just a fantastic story that I highly recommend.


Author Synopsis 

In 1986, Jamie Parker falls in love. What could be bad about that? Nothing except that the object of her affection is Val DiLeona, friend and fellow administrator in the same school district. If Jamie has misinterpreted that Val has similar feelings, confessing her affection could result in the end of their friendship. Then there is the little matter of the consequences at work. Outing herself as a lesbian could result in her losing her job.
Nearly thirty years later, in 2016, Jamie meets ambulance driver, Kelly, in a hospital waiting room. Upon learning how long Jamie and her partner have been together, Kelly asks Jamie to tell her their story. As Jamie begins, neither woman can imagine the impact their casual conversation will have on their lives, and the lives of those they love.



The story starts by introducing us to Val and Jamie, an older couple who are still happy and very much in love after being together for 30 years. When Val has a fall and is taken to the hospital, Jamie is scared. Jamie meets Kelly a young paramedic who sits with her at the hospital. Jamie and Val met at a time where they needed to hide their sexuality. Where they had to be careful about who they could trust.

The story switches back and forth between the past and present. Through this we learn about Jamie, Val and the story of how they met and got together. It’s a sweet and romantic friends to lovers story, with lots of depth and character development.

I finished this book in one reading as it was so well written and I just couldn’t put it down. While it was slower than a lot of today’s contemporary romances, it worked really well for this story.

This is honestly just a really wonderful love story, that is beautifully told.

5 Stars



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