A Work in Progress by L.T. Smith

Author Synopsis 

Writer Brynn Morgan has been in love with her best friend and muse, Gillian Parker forever. She’s the only one who can fill the emptiness in Brynn’s life, ease the ache in her chest, and get her writing juices flowing again. The problem is Gillian is straight. And she’s more focused on enlisting Brynn to see whether her doctor fiancé is a cheat. No matter what Brynn turns up, what should she tell Gillian?

This UK rom-com, part of the Window Shopping Collection, proves that the path to true love has more than a few bumps in it.

My Review 

A work in Progress is a sweet and funny novell that left me with that warm and fuzzy feeling as I read the last page. 
This is the first book I’ve read by L.T. Smith and I found that I really enjoyed her witty and sarcastic humour. The book is well written and I look forward to reading more of her work. 
The story is told in first person and is narrated by Brynn. She is both likeable and relatable, which is a great combination.

Brynn believes she is in love with her best friend Gillian, who is not only straight, but is also engaged to the man she loves. Gillian is convinced her fiancée is cheating on her and begs Brynn to help her find out the truth. Brynn reluctantly agrees to help, but ends up discovering some things about herself after meeting a new woman (Gina).

While I wish this story had been longer, I still really enjoyed it. I would have loved to see the characters relationships with each other develop further. I would also have liked to learn more about Gina.  
4 Stars