Water Under Bridges by Harper Bliss

Book five in The Pink Series by Harper Bliss


Author Synopsis

Can you build a future if you don’t let go of the past?
Louise Hamilton has returned to Sydney after her long term relationship broke down in Brisbane and she’s loving her new job at Glow, Darlinghurst’s freshly opened yoga studio. She’s found new friends in her boss Amber and the gang at the Pink Bean and feels like her life is finally back on track. Until a figure from her past unexpectedly comes back to haunt her.

Mia Miller has just been hired as the Pink Bean’s new manager. She’s delighted to leave behind the corporate life and become part of a small business whose owners and patrons give her the sense of community and family she’s been missing. When a Pink Bean customer catches her eye and she tries to establish a connection, her advances are met with nothing but indifference and disdain.

What happens when a dark past comes back to slap you in the face? And can people ever truly move on from a deeply traumatizing experience?


My Review

Well that was an interesting storyline and for the very first time I totally did not see it coming. I don’t want to delve into the story to much because it will ruin some of the well thought out angst produced by Harper Bliss. But what I will say is that this is a moving tale of two women who knew each other in high school and when they meet years later, it is full of emotional turmoil.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It had the usual Bliss twists and turns that I have grown to love. The pace is perfect for this storyline and as my subscribers know, I love an epilogue and this book scores it’s final star there because it just ticked a big box, especially in this story.

My favourite part of this series is that the characters follow through to the next novel. However I really missed Zoya from the previous book and hope she and Camille make another cameo appearance in the next in the Pink Bean Series. But maybe they’re having to much fun in France!

These books are not only love stories between two protagonists but also the love between a phenomenal group of friend that all happen to be lesbians! Yay!

5 stars


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