Irresistible by Sandy Lowe

Ok I have a question… and it’s a big one! Why is Sandy Lowe not writing full length novels because she’s an amazing author!

Author Synopsis

Still being a virgin is Ashley’s dirty little secret. That, and the fact she’s hopelessly in love with her best friend Leah. When Leah needs help extricating herself from an awkward one-night stand, Ashley runs to the rescue. An innocent touch turns electric, and Ashley has to come clean about her charade or risk losing the woman she loves.

My Review

Short story ‘Irresistible’ is aptly named. A best friends to romance story line that is not only incredibly loving but also sexy and passionate. Almost like an awakening, this book is going to capture your heart.

I’ve found that in many short stories the reader can be left underwhelmed if the story finishes too abruptly or doesn’t close all the avenues before the end. With this book I think the characters are extremely relatable which pulls you further into the story and makes it easier to connect in the shorter period of time, as is the way with short stories.

I really hope that we get more books like this from Sandy Lowe, I think the short stories she’s written have been proof of the great things that we can expect to follow!

5 stars

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