Fame by Susan X Meagher

This book is just another reason Susan X Meagher is one of my favourite authors. 

Author Synopsis

Piper Campbell has spent the last fifteen years of her life raising her younger sister. Charlie is now an adult—and on the brink of stardom. Piper has done her very best to keep Charlie’s feet firmly planted on the ground, but she worries the temptation to become a diva will be too strong to resist.

Haley Dillon could give Charlie an earful. When she was a young woman, she got involved with a break-out star and was quickly swept up into the maelstrom of her celebrity. Vowing to keep her distance from anyone connected to the spotlight, she finds herself once again enmeshed when Charlie’s world sucks her into its orbit.

Piper swears she can keep her head even as she’s recruited into Charlie’s retinue, but Haley has been burned too many times to believe the vow of a woman who hasn’t yet experienced the seductive, entrancing power of Fame. 

My Review

First off, as with most of Susan X Meagher novels, it is written very eloquently and she must spend a lot of time researching topics because there is always a wealth of knowledge in her novels, ergo I learn something new every time I read her books- in fact if she ever needs a research assistant I’d be the first in line to hand over my resume.
Secondly the length of the novels that Susan writes are longer than the norm for Lesbian Fiction books but why is this a positive for me when I can’t stand long books in main stream? Well for one, the books never drag and normally I feel like the story is done right with all avenues explored but not to the detriment of the book. Also, when I finish one of Susan’s novel I always feel like it’s complete and I don’t need anymore from the story for the happy ending to appease me. All that included, the pace and eloquent writing that takes place makes her one of the best authors in Lesbian Fiction todayand one of my favourites without a doubt.

The two main protagonists in this books really charmed me from the beginning. Both from humble backgrounds but forced into the spotlight of fame and fortune. It’s a story about realising that sometimes you don’t have to choose between love and obligation. The story had it’s usually angst filled moments but also some of the most tender and loving moments that really captured my heart.

I must also mention that the secondary characters really stood out for me in this novel, especially Charlie’s little dog.

Very excited to see what’s coming next.
5 stars

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