Canvas for Love by Charlotte Greene

Canvas for Love second books in the Love series.

Author Synopsis

With the holidays over and the New Year beginning, Chloé Deveraux and Amelia Winters are finally in a position to concentrate on themselves and their new love. Chloé hopes that she and Amelia can finally stop worrying and start living.
The course of true love is never easy, however, and Chloé and Amelia struggle to keep their love strong in the face of mounting complications. Family conflict and a woman from Amelia’s past conspire to keep the two lovers apart. These problems, combined with Chloé’s desire to leave Amelia’s art dealership, may act as the ultimate blow to their tenuous romance. Can Chloé and Amelia overcome these threats, or is it time to move on?
Sequel to Palette for Love.


My Review

Canvas for Love is the sequel to A Palette for Love by Charlotte Greene. I really enjoyed A Palette for Love as it delved into a rather unusual relationship between art entrepreneur Amelia, and her assistant Chloe. Canvas for Love is what happens after they settle into their relationship and how they cope with Chloe no longer wanting to work for Amelia’s art company. I would advise reading book one first as it will not flow properly if you don’t. I also felt that in the first book there were quite a few unanswered questions that I was glad were answered in Canvas for Love.

I probably enjoyed this sequel more than the first novel because of the changes that came over both protagonists, as they fall deeper in love they begin to change and compliment each other.

Charlotte Greene is an exceptionally good writer and has a way of making you fell like part of the story. I am hoping there will be a book three because I enjoyed these characters so much however if there isn’t another, it is not necessarily needed as it ended very nicely.

4.5 stars


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