Planning for Love by Erin Dutton

Such a fun read…

Author Synopsis

Wedding coordinator Faith McKenna doesn’t believe in the happily-ever-after that she promises her clients. So she has no qualms about giving a few brides one last fling on the side before they commit for life.

When maid of honor Rachel Union catches her best friend fooling around with the wedding coordinator before her wedding day, she swears she’ll out Faith to everyone if the bride doesn’t make it down the aisle. Against her better judgment, Rachel agrees not to tell the groom, but she vows to keep a close eye on Faith until after the big day. But spending time with Faith challenges Rachel’s opinion of her as shallow and opportunistic.


My Review

What a wonderful and fun read. This is the first book I have read by Erin Dutton and it certainly won’t be the last.

When Rachel walks in on a tryst between her soon to be wed best friend Violet, and her wedding planner Faith, she is completely shaken. As the wedding planning continues Faith and Rachel become closer and closer… finding each other irresistible but can Rachel Forgive and ultimately forget Faith’s indiscretions.

Great novel with a very intriguing story. The writing was very tight and the pace was perfect. I really enjoyed the characters and how Dutton began unraveling Rachel and Faith’s feelings for each other.

I’ll definitely be on amazon checking out what else I can find from Erin Dutton… 4 stars



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