Mergers & Acquisitions by A.E. Radley


Author Synopsis

Kate Kennedy prides herself on running the very best advertising agency in Europe. One day, her top client asks her to work on a lucrative project with the notoriously fastidious Georgina Masters, of the American agency Mastery. The temporary merger causes a fiery clash of cultures and personalities. Especially when Georgina sets her romantic sights on Kate’s young intern, Sophie.


Sarah’s Review

Sophie gets a job at the company she has always dreamed of working for, and is excited to work with her Idol. What she doesn’t expect is to get pulled into the office politics. Sophie just wants to keep her head down, work hard and learn all she can.

Kate is the head of her company and determined to keep this account. She is convinced that new girl Sophie isn’t going to last long and so decides to push her by making her spy on the opposition.

Georgina has come into Kate’s office and has her sights set on stealing this account and causing as much trouble for Kate as possible. She is also running from her personal life, after breaking up with her girlfriend Jessica.

This was my first A.E. Radley book and I’ve heard lots of good things about her books. I really enjoyed this story and it was well written. I look forward to reading more from this author.

I did find that the story was a lot more focused on the office drama, than the romance. While I was happy with the ending, I would have liked to see more. I wanted to see the two characters interact as a couple and see how their relationship effected them both. So I’m actually hoping for a second book, where we get to see this side of them.

Sophie is a total sweetheart who I really liked. She is shy and geeky but will stand up for herself when pushed. I was pulling for her to get what she wanted all the way through the story. I wanted her to do well in her career and I wanted her to fall in love and get the fairytale ending. I liked that Georgina was so kind to her, and I enjoyed the tension between her and Kate.

Overall I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a well written story, but aren’t looking for a lot romance. I’m a big romantic and so while I did want more romance, I still really enjoyed the story.

4 stars


Rachael’s Review

Another great book from A.E. Radley. Mergers and Acquisitions is centred around two rival advertising firms that have a mutual client and have to join forces and work together.

The novel is written from three points of view of the main protagonists Kate, Georgina and Sophie. I was surprised that my favourite character was actually Georgina, she’s wicked in a sexy ice queen way. I would have enjoyed knowing more background about her relationship with Jessica, her ex. That relationship really intrigued me from the beginning and it might be because I connected with Georgina right off the bat. Also want to mention how lovely and unassuming Sophie is. She has both these women using her for similar reasons and she just tries not to hurt anyone.

There was quite a lot based around the office politics and less about the love story but I still enjoyed the storyline and think there’s definitely room for a prequel or sequel which I would be extremely excited about. At times I wasn’t sure what would happen next and the intrigued kept me turning the page.

Charming and quick witted, I think A.E. Radley is a author to watch.

4 Stars


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