Sidebar by Carsen Taite

I think I may have found my new favourite Carsen Taite novel!

Author Synopsis

Judge Camille Avery, newly appointed to the federal court, is finally back on her dream career path. She’s determined not to let any mistakes, past or future, get in her way, but a complex murder case and undeniable attraction to her rebellious law clerk threaten Camille’s carefully planned future at every turn.

Attorney West Fallon is a social justice crusader, reluctant to put her career plans on hold to clerk for a federal judge, even if the judge is the man who saved her life. When he’s suddenly forced to retire, West is stuck clerking for Judge Camille Avery, an infuriatingly stubborn—okay, brilliant, intense, and sexy—law-and-order jurist who seems just as unhappy to be saddled with her.

As Camille and West explore their growing desire and challenge the boundaries of their work and personal relationships, a big case threatens to destroy both their careers. Can their love survive?


My Review

I think I have found my new favourite Carsen Taite book. When it comes to a seasoned author like Taite, I never have to worry about picking up one of her books because I know I will get good writing, an excellent plot, fantastic character development and seriously palpable chemistry between the characters. With this book I was completely bowled over because she took it to another level.

One thing you are guaranteed when it comes to a law novel and Taite is the level of knowledge she has about the legal system in America and you can bank on it that it is a accurately detailed subplot. I was drawn into the drama behind the romance and the underlying clues that gave you the feeling something wasn’t quite right. I can’t go into detail without giving spoilers but you will understand once you read this little gem of a book.

The chemistry between both characters was beautifully written and gave the reader an air of the forbidden which I rather enjoyed. The banter between the two protagonists was one of ease and endeared both protagonists to the reader more. I really hope that Taite finds a way to carry Camille and West’s story into another book or makes ‘Sidebar’ the first in a series because I truely believe there is more to their story.

Can I give it 6 stars… no? oh well!

5 stars!


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