Journey to You by AJ Adaire

If you’re looking for a story of love, hope and survival, you can’t go wrong by grabbing a copy of Journey to You.


Author Synopsis

What do you do if you are one of the few who remain alive after a mysterious, flu-like virus claims most of the global population? This is a question Kim Robins and Peri Henderson have to answer when the world changes and society falls apart.
Violent gangs of looters make it unsafe to remain in the city. Hoping to improve their chances for survival, Kim and Peri decide to hike into the remote forest area of Main.
Dangerous circumstances along the trail cause the women to join forces with another hiker and her dog. The longtime friends and their new companions set off on a daunting trek filled with both menacing and kindhearted survivors.
With evidence of the illness everywhere they go, will this journey bring each of the women the happiness and safety she seeks?


Dee’s Review

This story is set in April, in the not too distant future. An epidemic hits and the world ceases to exist as this cast of blue eyed characters know it. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned eye colour in a review before, but for this story, it’s a vital factor.
Thankfully, most animals also survived the pandemic.
If you’ve ever envisioned a life full of crime, hate, and starvation after such a catastrophic event, this story will give you hope it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure these ladies encounter some unpleasant human-beings along their journey, but, for the most part, the population is self-surviving so there’s little need for violence.
Paige, Peri, Allie, and co. remain healthy by drinking herbal tea, catching and eating fresh fish, canning produce, milking goats, making butter and cheese, and of course trading goods.
Peri and Paige are wonderful leading ladies, their courtship is tenuous for various reasons and because of that, was believable to me. I found Kim a little wishy-washy and never came to care for her, but such is life, literally.
Zeke, bless him, added a lot of emotional depth to this story. I really hoped him and Allie would get together, BUT what unfolded went a little beyond belief for me. I wish that ‘part’ had gone to our ladies.
Overall, I enjoyed this story and would definitely read more by this ‘no longer new to me’ author.
If you’re looking for a dark depressing story, you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for a story of love, hope and survival, you can’t go wrong by grabbing a copy of Journey to You.

3.5 stars




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