Freedom to Love by Ronica Black

I can’t believe this is the first book I’ve read by this author, but the best thing about that fact is I have many more to look forward to reading.


Author Synopsis

Brynn Williams is out of prison, no thanks to Sergeant Kat Vander, who arrested her four years earlier. But Brynn is hopeful for a new future and excited to see her sister, who pulls up in a stolen car, high as a kite. Brynn feels used and trapped as they drive back to more family drama. But something happens on the way home, testing not only Brynn’s core as a human being, but her loyalty to her family as well.

Sergeant Kat Vander is one hell of a cop. She turns heads and leaves suspects shaking in their boots. So when she and her partner are ambushed and shot, the department is up in arms. But more surprising is who helped them after the attack. Brynn Williams belongs to the town’s most troubled family. She helped Kat, but now she’s on the run. Can Kat find her, and more importantly fight her feelings for a known criminal?


Dee’s Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

It wasn’t so much the convict/officer troupe that pulled me in and held me captive, but how well this story highlights the plight of someone whose character is called into question due to association.

Sergeant Kat Vander is a likeable character. The side story of her downed partner added depth to the plot.

However, my heart went out to Brynn. The stigma of her family followed her around like a death sentence, more accurately a prison sentence. Just because her family were known criminals she was assumed guilty by association. Having a close friend who has faced the same prejudice, I found myself able to relate.

And, of course, the reader has to wonder how on earth there can ever be a happy ever after, and if Brynn will ever find true love.

Verdict – highly recommended.
4 Stars



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