Summer Fling by Jean Copeland

I think this is my new favourite Jean Copeland novel.


Kate Randall is a successful, sophisticated attorney terminally jaded since the demise of her long-term relationship. Now with best friends Didi and Viv by her side, she’s savoring single life and the sweet taste of hard-won independence. As her friends navigate the poignant and amusing pitfalls of finding lasting love in their forties, she’s quite content to watch from behind a cosmo.

But when the girls drag Kate to a Pride event, sexy young singer Jordan Squire rocks the stable foundation Kate had struggled for years to build. Despite Kate’s protests, Jordan’s charms prove too powerful to resist, and they fall into a passionate summer love affair. But even if Kate can conquer her fear of repeating the past, can their relationship withstand the pressures of a significant age difference and the demands of Jordan’s burgeoning music career?



I think this is my new favourite Jean Copeland novel. One of my favourite sub genres is age-gap romance and this one seriously delivered. I started this book and read through the night to finish it.

Kate is a 40 years old, successful lawyer who’s heart is still mending after her longest and most significant relationship broke down. She didn’t expect to fall for Jordan, who is not only just starting to get noticed in her music career but is also a lot younger than her.

Great third novel from Jean Copeland! The character development evolved at good pace throughout the novel and I really enjoyed Kate’s friends throughout the book especially Didi her best friend – she really cracked me up.

The love story between Kate and Jordan was one they make movies about, it was complex but you knew from the beginning these women had found their soul mates in each other.

I don’t think I’m ready to be done with this novel. Maybe a sequel? That would be something I’d get excited for.

5 stars


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