Lightning Strikes by Cass Sellars

There are so many things to like about this debut novel.

Author Synopsis

Parker Duncan has sworn off love and forever since she discovered her wife—her ex-wife—cheating on her on their tenth anniversary. Sydney Hyatt doesn’t even do overnight. She attracts women effortlessly, then discards them after an hour or two of mutual pleasure. They meet at a party celebrating Parker’s divorce, and they’re tailor-made for a no-strings encounter. Yet when their paths cross again, lightning strikes, and both women begin to question their life rules in the face of undeniable passion and growing love.

But demons past and dangers present threaten the lovers, and Parker and Sydney must fight to find new traditions in dark spaces as they cling to the relationship neither of them thought she wanted.


Amy’s Review

There are so many things to like about this debut novel. First off, I’ll just say that this was an extremely satisfying Butch/Femme read. Parker definitely has a type and it’s hot, bad, and butch. It seems like she can’t help but be attracted to the bad boi player type, and she got badly burned by her ex-wife. The day her divorce is final she goes out to celebrate and lands squarely in the sights of Sydney Hyatt, who on the surface seems like a carbon copy of her ex. So Parker runs.
Sydney Hyatt is very happy with her life. She has a job she loves; it makes her enough money to be quite comfortable. She also doesn’t lack for feminine companionship, although she definitely makes sure no one gets the mistaken impression that she’s interested in more than a night. So when she sees an intriguing woman at the bar and makes a play for her, she shrugs when things don’t pan out. The woman sticks in her mind though. Imagine her surprise when she finds out who her new neighbor is.
The chemistry between these two practically sizzles off the page, and they’re both drawn to the other. They both decide to give in to the attraction and keep their involvement light. But things definitely take a turn for the more serious when lightning strikes, and the heat continues to build instead of fizzling out. Now each has to work through issues from the past, and it turns potentially deadly.
This book definitely kept me turning pages – the pacing was excellent, and the revelations were well-timed. I love that Sellars gave us a glimpse of karma smacking into the face of Parker’s ex at the end.
The relationship between Parker and Sydney was not only hot, but also fun, witty, caring, and touching, making this couple one of my favorites of this year. Also, it isn’t over! Lightning Strikes is book one in the Lightning Series, which continues in September of 2017 with Lightning Chasers, the continuing story of Parker and Sydney. I can’t wait!

5 stars


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