Beauty and the Boss by Ali Vali

I really enjoyed ‘Beauty in the Boss’ by Ali Vali and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Author synopsis

Ellis Renois is at the top of the fashion world and has built the Renois Company into a success that dominates the runways of the world. Ellis loves creating clothes, and she loves the beautiful women who wear them. While Ellis deals with design, she leaves the business aspect to others. It’s a mistake that could cost her more than just her life’s work.
Charlotte Hamner has worked her way through school and is ready to make a better life for herself and her daughter Sawyer. She’s far from the teenaged mother who worked a string of dead-end jobs to fulfill her dreams, so she’s not about to fall victim to Ellis’s easy charm.
A summer job presents Charlotte with the chance to learn from Ellis, but it might also land her the position of head designer for Renois. But her promotion will come only through betrayal and perhaps at the cost of her heart.


My Review

Beauty and the Boss is a story of Elis Renoir a fashion designer and royalty in her field. When she hires for a new internship she doesn’t expect to meet the woman of her dreams, Charlotte. When a scandal from inside Elis fashion company threatens to destroy her and the love she’s found, she can either go down with the ship or come out fighting.

This was the first book I’ve ever read by Ali Vali so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ll be honest, I didn’t click with the first 20% of the book. I didn’t feel like I was connecting with the characters and too much of the sub plot over powered some of the moments I would have preferred striped back in order to highlight more of the love story than the fashion scandal.

When I continued to read on however I started to understand Ali Vali’s plot choices and my connection grew. Without giving any spoilers I want to say this book is full of twists and turns you’re not expecting, the biggest one was 2 thirds of the way in…. and what a twist!

The love story that unfolded was a really sweet and endearing story that had me rooting for this couple to make it and make it they did… but not without a decent dose of angst filled moments!

I think the secondary characters made this story especially Amis, Ellis’ Mother and Sawyer – Charlottes daughter! For me Sawyer stole the show. That kid is smart, feisty and unbelievably loving and most of all her part in the story made see a side to Ellis that I wasn’t expecting.

I really enjoyed ‘Beauty in the Boss’ by Ali Vali and I look forward to reading more from this author.

4 Stars

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