The Setup by Adan Ramie

The Setup is the first book in the Moving On Series

Author Synopsis

Rachel’s two best friends have had it with her non-existent love life.

Divorced from an abusive husband and with two children in tow, she and her best friends have been living together in harmony for over a year. And while they love each other dearly, there is something none of them have in their lives: romance.

So when her friends convince Rachel to sign up on an online dating site to look for a good woman, they have no idea what kind of antics will ensue.

Can Rachel forget her painful past and find a lasting relationship, or will her lack of trust destroy something great before it can begin?


Dee’s Review

This story is told in third person and completely from Rachel’s point of view. I’m not always a fan of singular point of view, however, it worked extremely well for this story. I found myself able to relate to Rachel’s character from the get-go so it was no hardship to be in her head throughout.
I may, or may not, be familiar with online dating and the trials that can and often do go hand in hand with hooking up with a virtual stranger. A couple of the situations were a little scary and one down right funny. Okay scratch that, it was scary-funny.
Rachel’s best friend is a gay man and another very likeable character. Haley, her other friend, the third of the trio sharing a house, was the least fleshed out of all three. I didn’t care for her one bit, and couldn’t have cared less if she’d dropped off the page.
Recently divorced, Rachel is trying to find her footing and finally act on her desires to be with a woman. With her ex nowhere in sight, she has to rely on her less than stellar parents to look after her two children.
I had an inkling who Rachel would end up dating but it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this story. I urge readers to give this one a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

4 Stars



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