Unchained Memories by Dena Blake

Now that’s how you write a second novel.

Author Synopsis

Jillian McIntyre is ripped from her home in Oklahoma after she witnesses a brutal crime, even though she cannot remember the details. Years later following her sister’s death, Jillian must return to her hometown to locate her niece’s father, neither of whom knows the other exists. A TV investigative journalist by trade, Jillian conceals her identity to complete the task.

Amelia Mathews is a family attorney who doesn’t have time for romance. After growing up in a volatile household, she’s devoted to advocating for abused and mistreated children. Amelia and her brother provide a voice to children who have no one else to speak for them. When a woman and her niece come to town in need of assistance, Amelia can’t seem to detach this time. As her attachment to them grows, Amelia’s world becomes more complicated than she ever imagined.

The last thing Jillian expects is to fall for the girl she left behind. Confronted with unreconciled feelings for Amelia, Jillian begins to fall in love with the woman she’s become. Will Jillian give up her high-powered career for a second chance at love?



My Review

Now that’s how you write a second novel. Dena Blake’s newest novel Unchained Memories is written in the second person from main protagonists Amelia and Jillian POV. She also wrote some chapters from secondary characters points of view, which really worked well for all the pieces of the plot to come together for the explosive last few chapters. The pace and character development was perfect for such an involved story line, I couldn’t help but turn each page. This book has so many wonderful plot twists that you will be in suspense with every chapter that follows.

Jillian and Amelia’s love development in this book is the star of the show. The story of their teenage love and how it transcends time is written beautifully and the chemistry in the bedroom is sexy and extremely hot! Dena Blake definitely knows how to write a phenomenal sex scene.

Secondary characters, Julie and Darcy stayed with me after the book was finished and I wondered if they could be highlighted more in a sequel or spin off short story because they where actually awesome characters to read.

Can’t wait to read more from Dena Blake. 5 Stars


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