Life Pushes You Along

Author Synopsis

The unchallenging and dull life of an assistant in a small London bookshop is where Zoe Achidi feels safe. Bored, but safe.
Frequent customer, Rebecca Clare, makes Zoe’s days a little brighter. But the beautiful, and impressive businesswoman in her forties seems unobtainable.
Zoe’s brother and her best friend are convinced that she is stuck in a rut. When they decide to meddle in Zoe’s life, they manage to bring Zoe and Rebecca together. It soon becomes obvious that Rebecca is bored with her own uneventful life as well.
Unfortunately, their meetings seem to remain all business. As they find the bravery and resolve to allow life to push them along, the question soon becomes – will it push them together or apart?


My Review

What a fantastic short story, I was hooked from the minute our main protagonists Zoe and Rebecca spoke to one another. I thought this was going to be a nice easy Lesbian short story and it was – but it also had a massive dollop of sexy in some of the scenes between Zoe and Rebecca.

What’s really interesting about this story is that its written from three different points of view. Firstly from Zoe and Rebecca’s point of view as per usual but Zoe’s best friend, Helen also gets her air-time and her time on the page is spent tying everything together nicely. I really enjoyed this concept because it gave an outsiders opinion on the romance but also added an extra pinch of levity in the novel.

First time I’ve read the word Pansexual in a book and it made me really happy to see authors bringing other sexualities to the table in Lesbian fiction. Well done Emma!

Great short and I can’t wait to read more from Emma Sterner-Radley.

5 stars


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