Lilac Time by Kate Sweeney

Another hilarious Rom-com from Kate Sweeney

Author Synopsis

Jessica Pierce is a single mother of two children. Teenage Ben, aka The Hoover, has the sensitive old soul of Robert Frost, and Matilde, a twelve-year-old, is the personification of Jack Sparrow. Jessica desperately needs the job she finds in the college newspaper, even if it is just for the summer. She knows she stands on the verge of starting over, keeping her family safe and happy.

Dr. Marion Clifford desperately needs someone with organizational skills for her current project with her former employer, the FBI. She’s on a deadline, which is fine—it keeps her from thinking of the past and the emptiness of her life as it is.

Two desperate women find each other, and with the help of one loving teenager and his mischievous sister, Jessica and Cliff find out life might not be as desperate as it appears.


My Review

Jessica, a single mother of two is all about taking care of her family. When she gets a new job as an assistant for her neighbour, Professor Dr Marion Clifford, she automatically feels drawn to her and finds that her feelings are reciprocated. But how do they work through separate past relationships that could ultimately hinder their present feelings.

A lovely written story that concentrates on the lives of two women that ultimately deserve to be happy. Marion and Jessica ease into their feelings and fall in love in this old school fashion romance. As usual Kate Sweeney puts a hilarious spin on her characters which is one of the main reasons I enjoy her books.

Looking forward to whats coming next.

4 stars

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