Storm Season by Pene Henson

If the cover doesn’t pull you in (because I freaking love this cover) then I hope my review does because it needs to be put at the top of your must-read list…

Author Synopsis

The great outdoors isn’t so great for Sydney It-Girl Lien Hong. It’s too dark, too quiet, and there are spiders in the toilet of the cabin she is sharing with friends on the way to a New South Wales music festival. To make matters worse, she’s been separated from her companions and taken a bad fall. With a storm approaching, her rescue comes in the form of a striking wilderness ranger named Claudia Sokolov, whose isolated cabin, soulful voice and collection of guitars bely a complicated history. While they wait out the weather, the women find an undeniable connection—one that puts them both on new trajectories that last long after the storm has cleared.

My Review

This book completely took me by surprise. It was recommended by a fellow friend and bibliophile with a ‘must read asap’ tag and I’m immensely glad I listened.

Lien is Sydney’s newest fashion and music blogger. She’s everywhere and people are listening. Destined for the big time and always attached to her social media platform, which means she isn’t enamoured about her upcoming camping trip with her best friends.

After a hop, skip and rather large stumble during a heavy storm while camping, Lien is rescued by Park Ranger, Claudia. At the peak of the storm, Claudia and Lien are trapped in Claudia’s Cabin in the woods until they can get through the storm damage.

Claudia is a ‘lone’ ranger excuse the pun. She enjoys her solitude but after a little digging Lien realises all isn’t what it’s seems and they have a lot more in common than you are led to first believe.

I throughly enjoyed this novel and can’t rave about it enough. Firstly the romance between Claudia and Lien is exciting but simple at the same time. You know they have this romantic spark and sexual chemistry but they also just fit. Once you unravel the mystery that’s Claudia, you realise she’s actually perfect for Lien and her true soul mate. Even the detailed and high quality sex scenes where still sensual and loving even when they dance on the line of kinky.

I also love Beau, Lien best friend and confidante. He’s struggling with his own romance as he’s trying to woo, Annie (also a friend of Lien) while treading new waters as a trans man. I actually would love to read his story because I feel like there is something special there and Beau’s connection with Annie gave me butterflies a few times.

Lastly I loved when Henson described the mundane in the book and made it sensual or exciting, it gave the reader the feeling of  being there with the protagonists and experiencing the atmosphere and the journey. For example this is one of her simpler quotes but you’ll get my drift…

“The current pop tune is sweet and catchy with a mournful undertone.”

All in all a fantastic novel that will jump straight onto my favourite shelf and will be rereading it again soon.

5 stars

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