Dawn’s New Day by T.J. Thomas

Author Synopsis

Cam Cooper is still recovering from the loss of her lover but has not given up on the possibility of finding love again. Dawn Oliver has been stung by love in the past and avoids the potential complications of romance completely. When Cam moves in next door, Dawn is unwittingly intrigued by her new neighbor.
Can Dawn put her past to rest and allow Cam to break down the walls around her heart?


My Review

TJ Thomas has created another endearing and emotionally deep love story.

Dawn has been to hell and back with her past lover, Lori. Her emotional scars hold her back from venturing down the path to relationships, that is until Cam moves in next door.  Cam has her own emotional turmoil due to the death of her partner, Melanie a few years prior. They both feel this undeniable connection and chemistry brewing between them straight away but Dawns past coming back to haunt her is one of many issues they have to battle.

I really enjoyed how these protagonists evolve and develop together. They have a lot going on in their short time together. I loved the sub plot of Lori, Dawns ex coming onto the scene but I felt she was dismissed too early on and could have play an integral role in the sub plot if it had been extended. Cam was my favourite character by far and she had my attention from the beginning. Cam is soft butch with a love of riding her motorbike and playing with her two dogs… talk about writing the perfect protagonist for a reader!

I was elated to discover that Rhonda and Jo from ‘A Reunion to Remember’ played a small but critical role in this book because I really loved this couple from TJ Thomas’ first novel. I always enjoy when authors connect books through their characters and it keeps me coming back for more.

I actually would love a book about Ali, Dawns sister, as I found her not only intriguing but a fun character that could make a fun main protagonist.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next from TJ Thomas.
4 stars

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