No Other Love by Harper Bliss

NO Other Love is so different from the other Pink Bean books in the series but what a page turner…

Wow, what a fantastic read. I have to say I was not expecting this storyline to be so touching and at times extremely poignant. I couldn’t put it down from start to finish.

Jane is a famous Lesbian Fiction Author who spends most of her life in her own head with expansive and emotive thoughts. Jane likes life the way it is and doesn’t take kindly to change so when her wife, Annie turns their quiet book shop into a book shop plus busy coffee shop it shakes Janes equilibrium, especially when their home and Janes study is about the store.

After some initial concern, Annie no longer has to worry about her coffee shop being bought by a large chain. Fortunately Kirsten and Sheryl came up with a idea in the nick of time by adding a coffee shop to the book store. But there is something about Kirsten that Annie can’t get her head around. She’s smart savvy and incredible sexy… Could this be a little harmless crush? Or is there such a thing.

What a great premise to drive what turns out to be a wonderful love story. At times I thought wow, this is extremely raw and real, these are the actual feelings and emotions of how anyone in this situation would be feeling but then to throw more in the fire and have an even further back-story to add to the mix just made the story more prominent.

I think this might be one of my favourite series. Harper Bliss keeps finding ways to adapt and evolve these characters and with every story adds a new element that brings you closer to these women.

Long may the Pink Bean series continue.

5 stars.

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  1. I just finished No Other Love, and Jane’s character was definitely in it but not of it. I found myself wanting to go to the end of the book to see if she and Annie made it past all of the obstacles, but I didn’t because I convinced myself that Annie’s wisdom and love for Jane would keep them together. All of the Pink Bean characters have strong, personalities but I’ll give Kristian the nod for helping to keep things in check. I know that Kristian has a chapter in her life that she wouldn’t read out loud but she seems to have what each of them needs to get past their problems.