Summer’s Cove by Aurora Rey

I really think this could be my new favourite series and can’t wait to see what comes next….

My Review

Aurora Rey has us back in Provincetown for the second book in her Cape End Romance Series. Summer’s Cove starts off with Alex and Lia, from the first book Winter’s Harbor, planning their big day. They have enlisted Darcy, the chef from Alex’s cafe to be their caterer. Darcy is a single mum of eight year old Liam. Like most Mums, Darcy’s only priority is Liam. When the sexy and androgynous, photographer Emerson appears at the wedding, sparks fly from the moment they meet. But Darcy is only looking for a ‘no strings attached’ and as far as she knows, so is Emerson.

I throughly enjoyed this book. I have often thought how I would tread the waters as a single mother who wants to date and I’m always left with the feeling that it would be an emotional minefield. Aurora Rey portrays exactly that for our main protagonist, Darcy. She is caught between letting go and the possibility of her, and her son, being hurt or keeping her well structured grasp on things but ultimately never really falling in love. Then there is Emmerson who quite frankly is every butch-andro-loving lesbian’s dream come true. I mean she’s strong but sensitive but also has the tortured artistic sole that is extremely sexy. The moments she spends with Liam had me swooning like you would not believe.

From the moment the met I was gripped and couldn’t wait for the moment that it all made sense to them both and they would finally go for it. Once again, Aurora Rey writes some of the steamiest sex scenes I have read whilst being able to keeping the romance going.

Lastly, I just want to give kudos to Aurora for writing a great kid into her book. Honestly it can be a hit or a miss and most time for me as a mother its a miss. But Liam hit the mark and I enjoyed every single chapter he was in and missed him a little in the ones he was absent. Massive tick for me.

I really think this could be one of my favourite series’s and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Keep em’ coming Aurora.
5 stars

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