Definite Possibility by Maggie Cummings

Bay West|Book 3: Definite Possibility 

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Before I start my review I have to tell you that this is my all time favourite series so I already have a whole lot of love for these characters, like a ridiculous amount. So if you want to check out my reviews for the first two books you can check them out here:

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Ok let’s get this love-fest started…

My Review

I have to say this is my favourite book in the series. I couldn’t contain my excitement when it first hit my kindle and I spent a whole weekend rereading the whole series, to get ready for Definite Possibility.

I know lot of people are on team Reina but I have to say, even though Sasha messed up I still love her and want her to end up with Meg, so I was delighted when she appears back in this book. And damn, is she back! Poor Meg has got everything she thinks she wants in a relationship with Reina and then bang, she runs into Sasha and now Meg is questioning everything! The nuance in each book shows how much Meg grows with every year that passes, living in the Bay West Community. She’s such a great character to read and her ups and downs over the first two books really set her up for what was an excellent character development by the end. I just wanted her back with Sasha from the moment it all went awry in book two Serious Potential. I almost think Meg and Sasha had to fall apart so that if and when they got it together, they would both be all in…. but do they? That’s the question!

I’m absolutely ecstatic that Sam’s back from book one. I had a little crush on her but thought she was out of state working with Julie. Now she’s back and single and has her eye on Lucy whose running a coffee bar in outskirts of Bay West. You may remember Lucy as she also played a small role in book one. Jesse and her intern Lexi were Lucy’s legal team when she was a cop and being investigated by her peers. She played a small role in getting Jesse and Lexi together… so we already love her!

Sam and Lucy together… well hell! I thought we had our hottest couple at Bay West but I was wrong. Firstly Lucy is just amazing and so very tortured at the same time. Her past allows for these massive walls but I loved reading about Sam tearing them down. From the minute Sam stepped onto the page I was a goner. She the four S’s – smart, sensitive, strong and incredibly sexy. I found myself rereading just her scenes the following week because I liked her so very much.

Lexi and Jesse are enjoying married life and are looking into the next stage in their relationship. Still madly in love, these two will always fight with Meg and Sasha for my favourite couple in Bay West. I just adore them. They certainly are the couple to be and look up to. Jesse for the last two books has been my ultimate crush however that all changed with Sam in this book. I think I admire the love that Jesse and Lexi have for one another and I was again left feeling like they could be great friends. I really enjoy the friendship between Jesse and Meg, the whole young Padawan & Yoda conversations between them always melts my heart. Also I think everyone needs a Jesse friend who is older, wiser and has the gift of the gab.

This book also has some of the hottest sex scenes of the series and its not just one couple either, they are all extremely sexy.

I know that this is the end… for now and really hope that later down the track Maggie Cummings checks in with these characters. I’m not the best at letting go and these are characters that I want to read more of time and time again.

Whatever Maggie Cummings has up her sleeve next I’m already there waiting with bated breath. If you hadn’t guessed it, this is an unmistakably 5 star novel!!!

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