Fearless by Robin Alexander

My Review

Falon and Holly are stranded on Honduras thanks to not making it back to their cruise liner after a trip off-board. After what seems like a rocky start, these two begin to really bond and before long, sparks well and truly fly. When they get back to their lives they have to find a way to incorporate their old lives with who they have become together.

I don’t think I have ever read a Robin Alexander book I did not like. But this one felt like it was up there with the likes of my favourite ‘Just Jorie’. It just ticked all the Alexander boxes I’ve grown to know and expect.

I really love how Robin Alexander divides up her novels. I am never left with a feeling of needing less or more, she just nails her writing style every time and thats why I know that every novel will end up on my favourites shelf.

Falon made me laugh from the get go. She’s creative, adventurous and a truly good person, how could Holly not fall for her. The moments in the lead up to them getting together were hilarious. Although I have to say that Holly was my favourite protagonist. Once she set her mind on Falon she was all in and she just went for it, even to the extent of laying her feelings out in the open in the hope they were reciprocated. The moments these two had alone were what great romances are made of, featuring loving and tender intimacies that were also sexy and fun.

Again Robin Alexander writes awesome secondary characters that bring the humour and levity that is her signature. Falons receptionist, Del and the moments where she is the focus are nothing more than hilarious. I honestly think Robin Alexander missed her calling as a stand up comedian because some of the lines and stories she pulls out of her hat are just fantastic.

Another hit for Robin Alexander. Can’t wait for what comes next. 5 Stars

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