Touch by Kris Bryant

My Review

Well I have found my new favourite Kris Bryant novel and this is a hard feat because I love every single one of her books. This novel felt like it was on another level though, I felt more connected to the characters, their obvious chemistry and the fact that reading it was simply so much fun.

Physical Therapist, Dr Hayley Sims is engaged to the egotistic and very successful Alison, who’s career as a Surgeon seems to come before everything in their lives, including Hayley. When the very passionate and sexy, Elizabeth Stone becomes Hayley’s patient, she doesn’t expect to have an unbelievable connection to her new patient. Is she supposed to be with Alison when her chemistry with Stone overshadows any she has with her fiancé?

I love these characters like close friends. They became almost intrinsic to the story as if it was real life. The build up between Stone and Hayley had me glued to the book and I couldn’t put it down. There is something in the way that Stone pursues Hayley that I found really exciting. Her ‘not taking no for an answer’ attitude was actually really sexy almost like she goes after what she wants until its hers! It gave this sense of menace that only added to her allure.

The sexual chemistry in this book is off the hook. I had to take breaks because I could feel my heart beating fast and getting incredibly fired up! I’m about to make a statement and you can bet it won’t change soon… Kris Bryant writes my favourite sex scenes in Lesbian Romantic Fiction. No wonder she has started to dabble in Erotica, it’s in her blood. Most of the fun in her books are the build up to the protagonists having sex but when they do… Fireworks. And I think this novel has been the steamiest so far!

The secondary characters were excellent and added an extra element to Hayley and Stone, evolving throughout the novel. I especially loved Rachel, whom at first I worried was a threat to the blossoming relationship but in the end she ended up being one of my favourite characters in the novel. I’m really hoping Kris does a novel about her, which would lead to more Hayley and Stone… Now That would be immense.

Another home-run from Kris Bryant.
5 stars.

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