Time Will Tell by M. Ullrich

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The book is ultimately about how much you would do for you one true love. Eva’s parents die unexpectedly and she goes to live with her abusive uncle. Her safe haven is her best friend Casey whom she is madly in love with. Casey wants nothing more than to keep Eva safe and has big plans for the future and all of them involved a better life for Eva.
This is the hardest review I have ever written – not because I didn’t love the novel, love is an underwhelming word in comparison to how I feel about this book, but because the spoiler alert is high and I don’t want to ruin it for you. It’s important you know that there are many amazing things I am leaving out of the this review so that you can read this novel with fresh eyes and enjoy the book as much as I did because damn, is this book worth every minute of your time. 
Eva and Casey have a friendship and love like no other. There is a level of acute understanding between them when it comes to everything about their lives but the love that they hide from one another during high school. I loved both these characters for very different reasons. I found Eva very alluring and she would definitely be a love interest for me but when it came to favourite characters Casey stole the show. She was beautiful, patient, charming and caring to a fault. The way she loved Eva lifted me up while breaking my heart at the same time. 
There are moments in the book that captured my heart and almost left me breathless. M. Ullrich wrote some of the best lines I have read and struggle to forget them now weeks after I read this book. One example of lines that have stayed with me is:
“Tell me I’m not the only one who’s thought of this moment. Tell me that comparing every lover to you wasn’t sad and silly, that imagining you was pathetic”
M. Ullrich was also able to give the perfect amount of angst but not so much that it was tumultuous, which I find can be the case with other authors writing suspense. 
The sex scenes in this book are probably the best I’ve seen from M. Ullrich, and she has written some great ones in past novels. They were sexy and intense whilst drawing from the love these woman shared. It was real and all consuming, I shudder to imagine it in real life.
M. Ullrich just keeps knocking them out of the park and I think she’s currently the one to watch in Lesbian Romantic Fiction. The standard of novels she’s producing are just extraordinary and I cannot wait for what comes next.
Unquestionably 5 stars. 
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