The Domme Tamer by Kat Evans

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This book left me with chills. I haven’t read something as intense since reading Shadowland and Provincetown Tales by Radclyffe. Totally blown away.

When NOPD Detective Jillian Robinchaux ties the murder she is investigating with another two that took place months prior, it’s clear she has a serial murderer on the loose. The FBI assigned Agent AJ Johnson to help profile and investigate the case. Jillian feels an attraction to AJ straight away and when she learns about the lifestyle AJ is a part of, she only wants more.

This is the first novel I’ve read by Kat Evans and it truly knocked my socks off. Firstly, I normally don’t get too excited about an author I’ve not read before but from chapter one, I was hooked and couldn’t put the book down. Secondly I’m always looking for authors that think outside the realm of the standard Lesfic trends and this ticked that box in a big way. I’m not one to read romantic suspense thrillers but this took things to a new and interesting level.

I loved both Jill and AJ for very different reasons. AJ comes across as a tough andro/butch and don’t get me wrong, she definitely is, but there are moments when she’s with Jill that are so delicate and sensual it left me quite enamoured by her. Jill was a tough cookie to crack but when she begins to learn about the BDSM lifestyle from AJ, she becomes more open and as she begins to trust AJ, her personality softens in the moments where it’s just them.

One thing you may not know about me is I’m a big fan of research and I often check that the facts I didn’t know before I read the book are correct and Kat Evans nailed it. She wrote a whole new side to BDSM that I was not aware of and when googling for better understanding, I realised she had nailed every phrase and her descriptions where 100% accurate.

The sex scenes between Jill and AJ where fantastic. All aspects of their sex life followed a strict agreement that was followed to the letter. My favourite BDSM scenes are the ones that follow the contractual agreement or you can sense the unwavering trust between the couple.

The subplot of the murders was chilling and quite frankly at time made me a little uncomfortable but that was what made the book so good. There were moments my skin was crawling and I was pumped to imagine AJ and Jill tearing the case apart. I also found my brain going into overdrive with the case details trying to work out who the murder could be… I attribute that to the thriller aspect of the novel.

I am honestly stunned at how much this novel floored me. I can’t wait to see what comes next from Kat Evans.

If the fabulous cover doesn’t draw you in then I hope my review does.
5 stars

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