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A Perfect Match Novel

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We are back with the third and final book in the A Perfect Match series by Fiona Riley. Well hell… Strike a Match is probably one of the hottest and sexiest books I’ve read this year.

Our resident Miss Match is back and doing her usual to stir up the love lives of the rich and famous. As we all know from the first two books Samantha has a knack of finding love for everyone, including herself. Now she’s married to the beautiful Lucinda from the first book, Miss Match and that has just inspired her more to find true love for everyone on her client list.

Abby is a little over the match making work of Samantha. She thought she found a spark with Shelly (from book 2 Unlikely Match) but that wasn’t meant to be. She has all but given up until she has one last date with the gorgeous fire fighter, Sasha. Sasha to has also been paired with Shelly but it all went to the way side when Shelly found her perfect match in, Claire. No matter, Samantha has someone new up her sleeve for Sasha in the form of millionairess, Abby. But Sasha doesn’t know about Abby’s bank balance and Abby is reluctant to come clean when she knows her money has attracted the wrong people before.

I can’t believe it but Sasha and Abby are my favourite couple in this series. I love how down to earth they both are and it reflects what a perfect match they could be. From the moment Sasha graces the page I knew she was someone special but she becomes even more enthralling when matched together with Abby. Abby never wants to throw her money in people faces, she enjoys keeping it on the down low and not attracting too much attention but when Sasha set her sights on her she has no choice but to let go because she is attracted to everything that is Sasha.

The sex scenes in this book are hot, much like the entire series but this book takes it to a whole new level. Sasha and Abby’s chemistry is just off the chart and it just build up more with every turn of the page.

The only thing that stuck with me was that I really missed Shelly from this series and wished she had made more of an appearance however this did not reduce how much I adored the book.

I really think that Fiona Riley is one to watch and I will continue to get extremely excited every time I get one of her books to read. I am really excited for what comes next.

5 stars

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