Take Me There by Julie Cannon

Another Foster McKenzie Book.

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Take Me There is structured around four protagonist’s. Elliot and Lauren are back from Julie Cannon’s 2007 novel Come Get Me and they are still very much in love. Lauren is trying to get Sloan from Elliot’s office paired off so she can experience the type of love they have, the only problem is Sloan isn’t interested in Lauren’s match-making. That is until Adrienne Phillips walks into her office and back into her life who she once had a college relationship with that was nothing short of fireworks. The spark is definitely still there between them but Adrienne’s life has changed, not only is she a widow but a mother to the sweetest 3 year old daughter.

So firstly, I think any reader should read Come Get Me first because you truly will know the meaning of the love Lauren and Elliot share and the obstacles they conquer to be together. Secondly I think this book should be an opening to another novel about these four characters or maybe a novel involving a new couple with another two couples being in the backdrop. I say this because I felt I didn’t get enough closure at the end from Adrienne and Sloan.

I really enjoyed having more from Elliott and Lauren because I really think their story is one I have treasured from the moment I put down the first book ‘Come Get me’ but with Sloan and Adrienne I just feel their ending was rushed and I would like to see more.

I thought the story about Adrienne’s wife dying and being left with the child was really interesting because as a mother and wife it is something that has worried me in the past, that ‘what if’ feeling. So I think I could see why Adrienne was so dubious and thought she could never love anyone else. At times I wanted to know from the author that Adrienne did have the same or stronger feeling for Sloan instead of second hand ones or lesser than what she had for her wife.

All in all I really enjoyed the plot and it definitely left me thinking. I really hope Julie Cannon adds a third and final book to reinforce the love between Adrienne and Sloan. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

4 Stars

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