Storms by Gerri Hill

My Review

When Carson goes back home after 12 years of being estranged from her family, she expects nothing but hostility. She’s surprised to find that her brothers haven’t changed but the ranch she grew up on has. Her father has ran it into the ground and her brothers have brought in a consultant to get them back in the black. Carson happens to find the new consultant just as alluring as her brother does but isn’t she getting too old to be chasing her brothers girlfriends?

Fantastic story and probably my favourite Gerri Hill book to date. When I started this book I thought it was going to be just another great love story but his one has a little more darkness to it. Carson’s dad is dying but she doesn’t feel bad for him and she’s not sure she’ll ever forgive him, even on his death bed. The only person she can really tell this to is the stranger whom she feels an odd connection to and that person is Kerry, the consultant in her brother’s employ. I liked Carson a lot, she easily played the annoying little sister when she would wind up her brother, Cody about his ex girlfriend but then would be the loving, sensual and caring person when she was with Kerry. Carson’s relationship with her twin brother Chase was great and I enjoyed watching them become close again. It really honed in on the heartbreak Carson felt from being shunned by her family.

Kerry was easily the star of the book for me. She embraced her feelings for Carson and even though scared, she was honest from the beginning of their relationship and always wore her heart on her sleeve.

An all round fantastic book that I feel could easily be made into a series or even a sequel. There are many avenues these characters could go and still be intriguing enough to pick up the many books that could stem from such a great couple.

5 stars

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