Picture Perfect by Lisa Moreau

My Review

This novel makes me think summer read, lying on the beach, with book in one hand and Mai Tai in the other.

Gabby and Olive are rivals for an upcoming photography competition on Catalina Island on the gulf of California. When Olive ends up being the photographer for Gabby’s sisters wedding they begin to spend time together and their immediate attraction develops into more.

I really enjoyed the banter between the Gabby and Olive. They didn’t only complement each other intimately but also around others. The small public displays of affection are the moments I love the most because it shows the couple as their friends and family would see them if they were a real couple.

The more intimate scenes between the couple surprised me in a very good way. I was expecting Olive to be passive in the bedroom allowing Gabby to take control but how wrong was I, which just added to the already very sensual sex scenes.

The only thing I would have loved is a epilogue but not enough to change my love of the novel… I just really love epilogues.

Another great novel by Lisa Moreau. Her novels just keep getting better and it leaves me desperate for what comes next.

5 Stars

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