The Loudest Silence by Olivia Janae

I am not sure I have seen such eloquent writing like this from a first time author in a while. Olivia Jenea seriously knocked it out of the park.

Kate and her son Max have just moved to Chicago for her new job with the Windy City Chamber Ensemble. They have moved a lot but this job is her longest contract to date and she’s excited about the stability for Max finally. When she starts her new job she is automatically annoyed by her new boss, Vivian, and after a brief altercation that she must make amends for, they begin an unlikely friendship, that from the beginning feels like it could be more.

I automatically bonded to Kate from the start. Her parenting style is similar to mine in many ways and Max reminds me of my son instantaneously. The story is told solely from Kate’s point of view which was incredibly brave because with the other main protagonist, Vivian, being deaf, the author could have given the reader further insight into her inner thoughts but it worked incredibly well. I have to say I gained a new respect for the style of writing that normally can be a negative for me in my reviews.

I could feel Kate’s nerves during their first dinner and it was in that scene that I fell a little for Vivian. She was just so different from her usual persona and it really drew me into another facet of her personality that I enjoyed. The flirtatiousness between Vivian and Kate is great and so much fun to read, especially because they have to be looking at each other for their little quips due to Vivian’s lip reading, it makes the chemistry more intense.

The character I loved to hate has to be Ash, who was Kate’s first romantic entanglement when she moves to Chicago. When Ash spoke, her young person vernacular irked me and that’s one of a long list of reasons this chick just did not do it for me.

Some of the best lines I have ever read are in this very novel. Here’s one of my favourites that I have to share…

Quote of the book:
“She didn’t need her “gaydar” to know this woman was “Kinsey-six gay.” It radiated from her like a Sapphic cologne.”

I’m so grateful that I have part two ‘Shades of Blue’ on my kindle now so I don’t have to wait for the next instalment.

5 stars


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