No Strings by Gerri Hill


My Review

No strings is the perfect small town romance. The book was light with a sweet storyline and would be perfect for lounging by the beach on holiday.

Reese is an interim sheriff in the small town of Lake City. She’s been placed there for a year as punishment for sleeping with the majors wife in her last job. In Lake City, she meets Morgan who is the forest ranger and loved by the whole town. Knowing Reese is leaving in a year, they decide that they can have a ‘No Strings’ relationship for the year and enjoy the sex while it’s there. No harm right?

This is a fun romance with its fair share of comedic value that had me laughing out loud to some of the antics of the people from this small town. As with many Gerri Hill novels, I was sucked in from chapter one and enjoyed the banter between her characters.

The characters where highly entertaining and I especially enjoyed the moments with Reese being dragged out of her comfort zone in this small town environment.

I reckon this book will stay on my re-read list as a good pick me up book that I can read over and over.

4.5 Stars

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