Right Here, Right Now by Georgia Beers

Well honestly I wasn’t expecting the book I just read, there was more than one occasion that the storyline would go down an avenue that was unexpected and it just made it all the more exciting.

Lacey is a hard working, motivated and dedicated accountant. She’s got her life plan and she sticking to it. That is until devil may care, Alicia moves into the office space next door. Her unconventional way of doing things has Lacey a little more than just intrigued.

I thought this would be a nice light romance and it was to a certain extent but it also drew me in and made me stay up through the night to finish it. The angst was written well but not overpoweringly so, just enough for you to have the heart sinking moment of ‘will they make it’ and then you realise, they have to because they are made for each other.

And boy are they made for each other. Opposite’s attract is one thing but Alicia and Lacey are the ying to each others yang. Their polar opposite personalities complement each other and from the moment they meet there is the chemistry that Georgia Beers is known for writing so perfectly. Normally I’m gushing about Georgia Beers writing the best first kiss scenes but in this book, it’s ALL the kisses after the first that got my blood pumping, phew! Hot!

The only thing I would say is that I wasn’t a fan of the repetitiveness of Lacey’s days during her busy tax time period as an accountant. I just found the sections about her accountancy firm and clients dragged a little for me.

All in all, another great book from Georgia Beers. I’m exited about what’s coming next.

4.5 Stars

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