Falling Into You by Erin Zak

My Review

After Pam’s husband dies she feels like she can live again and be the person she’s always wanted to be. When a chance meeting with the beautiful Kathryn takes place there is instant chemistry. But Pam’s not a lesbian, so she will try to be friends but the more time they spend together the further Pam falls down the rabbit hole. Kathryn however has been here before and got her heart broken by a straight woman. She can’t risk her heart again even if she has never felt for anyone the way she feels for Pam.

This was a lovely lesbian romance and to be honest it was Pam that made me love the book the most. Her beautiful soul and personality shines through with every conversation she has with Kathryn or her best friend, Judy.

The characters evolving together in this book was written incredibly well and I felt like it happened at a steady pace to make the story feel more real. There is a magnificent twist about a 3rd of the way in that I was not expecting and I love it when an author surprises me.

I do have one issue though that I need to mention… The book ends without much flare and was rather anticlimactic in the end. I’m normally left feeling like I know the characters are going to make it and I wasn’t left feeling 100%. Also the book left me a little worried for Pam’s best friend Judy who played a significant role in this book but there was no closure on her story. This could all be rectified if there had been an epilogue or if the author plans to make a sequel where Judy is the main story line and we can catch up with Pam and Kathryn.

Anyway all in all this is a great debut novel from Erin Zak and looking forward to seeing what’s to come.

4 Stars

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