Long-Distance Coffee By Emma Sterner-Radley

My Review

This book gave me all the feels in a new age kind of way. Long Distance Coffee is part one in The Midnight Coffee series which is out now. Part two, aptly named Coffee and Conclusions is due to be released in January 2018.

Erin is an insomniac and tends to be hanging around at all hours on her laptop playing games or surfing social media. One night she stumbles upon a quick witted ‘Tweet’ from a woman also up past her bed time. After a little tête-à-tête they begin to develop a friendship. Living in different states makes it difficult for anything more than an online friendship but as feelings develop, could this be the start of something a little more intimate?

What a fantastic novel that had me intrigued from the get go. Not only did this book make for an interesting read but it was very relevant to finding love in this decade with the use of online messaging, live video chat and social media.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bantering back and forth between Erin and Isabella through calls and online chat while enjoying good coffee. It was intimate in a way that brought their feelings to the forefront instead of the usual background noise and over use of non relevant information that can be distracting in some books.

I really connected with Isabella for a few different reasons but mainly she’s a new mum who has a kid with reflux and colic so I totally got the stress she was under and the crazy hours where you are wide awake soothing your baby at 3am and your main sleeps are during the day. It’s a little lonely if you don’t have the support, and I was lucky to have it unlike Isabella. So I totally understood why Isabella took to online chatting and found someone like Erin.

This book is definitely a little different from the norm but hey, that’s why I liked it so much. The ending is left kind of up in the air with enough allure to make you sell your soul for the second copy. Emma Sterner-Radley may or may not own my soul but I have read book two, Coffee and Conclusions and it’s just as fabulous. The review for that will follow in January.

So go grab a copy of ‘Long Distance coffee’ and maybe a coffee too and enjoy.

5 Stars


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