12 Days of Lesfic for 2017

My top 12 Lesbian Romance Novels for 2017

On the first day of Christmas Mrs Claus gave to me… Okay i won’t write the whole rhyme but have a look at would should be on your Christmas Letter to Santa

  1. Definite Possibility by Maggie Cummings
  2. Who’d Have Thought by G Benson
  3. Strawberry Summer by Melissa Brayden
  4. Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes
  5. Fake It Till You Make It by M. Ullrich
  6. The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter
  7. Strike A Match by Fiona Riley 
  8. Summer’s Cove by Aurora Rey
  9. Unexpected by Jenny Frame
  10. Forget Me Not by Kris Bryant
  11. Time Will Tell by M. Ullrich
  12. The Loudest Silence by Olivia Janae

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Book of the Year 2017:

Definite Possibility (Bay West Book 3)

Not only should this book win book of the year but it should also win all the accolades for best series. Definite Possibility is the third and final book in the Bay West Series and what a fantastic book to end the series. I enjoyed it so much that for weeks afterwards I couldn’t get the book of my mind, especially the character of Sam whom I had a rather large crush on over time as she graced the page.

If your stuck for a Christmas present, get the whole series and start on Christmas Day. If your anything like me with this series, you will be done by boxing day because you have stayed up night after night reading it.

Check out my reviews of all three books in the series below:

Totally Worth It by Maggie Cummings

Serious Potential by Maggie Cummings

Definite Possibility by Maggie Cummings


Have a very Merry Christmas.

Rach xx